Our plant offers complete abrasive blasting and coating systems. The climate controlled atmosphere of our plant facilities ensures that projects have the highest quality finishing process obtainable. Our new facility was opened in 2000 at its present location. It is 20,000 square feet of floor area sitting on 3.5 acres of land. We operate:

  • 2 Blasting Booths
  • 3 Paint Booths and
  • Several Preparation areas.
  • Wide Range of Industrial Equipment

Our facility has 2 blasting booths to meet our customer’s needs.

Booth #1 - 21’ Wide X 17’ High X 70’ long utilizing steel grit & other specialized materials
Booth #2 - 12’ Wide X 8’ High X 14’ long Utilizing glass beads

Paint Application
Our coating and refinishing operations has 2 paint booths

Booth #1 - 19’ Wide X 17’ High X 80’ Long
Booth #2 - 14' Wide X 16' High X 60' Long
Booth #3 - 14’ Wide X 9’ High X 32’ Long

Paint Products

Many paint products are inventory in house to ensure availability and quick turn around time of projects. If a project requires a specific product we purchase direct from the paint manufacturer to guarantee strict deadlines can be met. The products that are stored in house include

In addition to the products listed above over the past 25 years we have developed strategic connections to dozens of paint suppliers to make certain that virtually any product can be supplied.

Paint Application Equipment

We utilize many forms of paint application equipment

To increase efficiency we offer complete colour matching capabilities by mixing thousands of colours in house using precision paint mixing scales.

Material Handling Capabilities
At Glavin Coating & Refinishing we have acquired many types of equipment to ensure our processes produce top quality results in a safe and timely manner. Our background in refinishing large manufacturing and construction equipment has resulting in developing and upgrading our facility to properly handle our customer’s demands.

1 - 16,000 pound forklift
1 - 10,000 pound forklift
1 - 6,000 pound forklift.
2 - Extended Reach Stand On lift trucks
2 - 20 & 1 - 7.5 ton overhead cranes on a 21 foot wide span and 60 foot track

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